Caged is LIVE!

Caged is a spin off prequel to the forthcoming Cowered series. No freedom,No mercy,No hope. On the run, Eloise is fighting the tide.With nowhere to go and no one to trust,It’s only a matter of time before she’s captured. When she wakes to…

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He Makes The Rules Is Live!

He Makes The Rules is the follow up to the Dark Origins, and the next in the Cowered series. You’d do anything to protect your child… Pushed into hiding,Obliged to give birth in the shadows,Ronnie Hudson is public enemy number one. But how can…

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Captor In The Attic is LIVE!

Captor In The Attic is the first book in my Beautiful Deceit series. Those noises in the attic,The shadow you think you saw,They’re not your imagination. KadeI’m a patient man,I’ll bide my time,Watching, waiting, ready to devour you. You won’t see…

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